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DPR SS1211-S0 Label Unwinder


The DPR SS1211-SO is the Best 5″ Label Unwinder on the Market

When the roll of labels runs out, the unwinder stops by uttering an acoustic signal. When the arm is down, the rewinder will rotate at full speed. Whereas, when the tension arm is up, the unwinder is idle, which blocks the motor’s rotation when the printer stops.  The SS1211-SO also includes a built-in tension guide, which allows you to unwind your labels in a smooth, efficient manner. The tension arm adjusts the speed of rotation. The ability to adjust the direction of rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, allows to unwind the labels face in or face out. You can control your label speed with an adjustable toggle, located on the back of the unwinder.


  • Can accommodate media w/10″ OD
  • Can accommodate media w/width of up to 5″
  • Adjustable media core holder from 1.57″ to 4.64″
  • Included is the unwinder and power supply, with a power cord.
SKU: SS1211-S0

Product Specifications

Dimensions 17 × 20 × 15 in
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