Colordyne 1600C/1600S Memjet Printhead


Delivering Affordable Flexibility with the Colordyne 1600C/1600S Memjet Printhead

The Colordyne 1600C/1600S Memjet Printhead is for use with the Colordyne 1600C Label Printer and the Colordyne 1600S Envelope And Sheet Color Printer. It is rated for 60,000 letter size page equivalent. It has a life expectancy of up to 3 liters of combined ink depending on environmental conditions.

Memjet Northstar color printheads use what we call “waterfall” technology where each printhead fires millions of ink drops per second. The Memjet Printhead is a radical shift in printhead design. Memjet’s efficient silicon structure enables the printheads to remain cost-effective while delivering an impressive combination of speed and dpi. Maximize your print quality and the life of your printer.

  • Up to 1600 x 1600 dpi
  • 1.2 pL drop size
  • 222.8 mm (8.77 in) – 1067 mm (42 in) wide
  • Aqueous dye inks

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2.5 in
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