Afinia X350 Printhead


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The Afinia X350 Printhead is a DuraFlex user-replaceable printhead. It delivers increased speed, outstanding image quality, and longer life.

  • Up to 1600 x 1600 dpi
  • 2.1 pL drop size
  • A4 222.8 (8.77 in) and A3 +324.4mm (12.77 in)
  • Can be stitched up to 1.2 meters wide
  • Aqueous pigment inks
SKU: 39036


Durability – Having a Duraflex printhead allows the X350 to use pigment inks which greatly improves the durability of the printed label without affecting the speed of print. Pigment ink offers great UV, chemical, and water resistance.

Speed – The Duraflex printhead is 330mm wide and doesn’t move “side to side” when printing like traditional inkjet printers. This means the only moving part throughout the print process is the material itself. This makes for very fast printing of full-color edge-to-edge labels. At full resolution, the print speed will be 27.4m/min.

Quality – Duraflex also is the first Memjet head to offer nozzle redundancy. Each nozzle being used has two nozzles so if one was to fail, dry up, or get damaged you should see the print continue with the redundant nozzle. Combine this with 1600 x 1600dpi print resolution and the X350 has unrivalled print quality for the speed and price per print.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in
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