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TrojanLabel Color Label Printers

Professional Digital Color Label Presses & Specialty Printers

Vivid Data Group has partnered with TrojanLabel to help globally revolutionized color printing technology with the production of TrojanLabel Printers, overprinters, and specialty printer systems for a broad range of end markets. As a well-resourced, fully committed Research & Development enterprise, we take pride in innovating cutting-edge solutions for on-demand and in-house color printing for label converters, brand owners, private labeling, manufacturers, print shops & print houses, contract packaging, commercial printers, secondary label logistics and more.

TrojanLabel harnessed the ability for users to print their own product labels and prints across multiple industries. With the release of the T3, an innovative overprinting system compliant with all-absorbing surfaces – the company was quickly recognized as a market leader delivering affordable cutting-edge digital printing solutions.

With a strong Research & Development enterprise innovating cutting-edge solutions for on-demand and in-house color printing, servicing manufacturers, brand-owners, and label converters, the company continued to grow with branch offices in Denmark, Hungary, and China, all manned by a powerful staff of engineers.

Benefits of TrojanLabel Color Label Printers

  • Sophisticated Mini Press and Specialty Printing Systems
  • Superior Print Resolution
  • Label Materials for Every Application
  • Extremely Versatile

Make sure that you check out the video below to see Trojan’s newest addition to its printer line up. The Trojan T2-L is the first-ever high capacity desktop digital label press capable of delivering precision over long runs. Producing consistent, high-volumes in 24/7 production, the T2-L opens new doors in the label printing industry.

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