SATO’s Specialty Printers

SATO’s Specialty Printers range from the wide-format SG112-ex Large Format Industrial Printer and the CT4-LX Series High Volume Desktop Thermal Printer models to help integrate your business.

SATO CT4-LX Series High Volume Desktop Thermal Printer

Next Generation 4-inch Desktop Thermal Printer

SATO Specialty PrintersAnything but ordinary, the SATO CT4-LX Series High Volume Desktop Thermal Printer seamlessly combines intelligence, functionality, and performance. Standard features include a 4.3-inch full-color touch screen display, multiple connectivity options, existing application support using on-board competitive emulations along with instructional videos. Setup, operation, and maintenance are just a touch away.

  • 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen
  • One-touch media profile recall
  • Direct PDF printing
  • Pre-installed printer language emulations
  • Auto clone printer settings
  • Remote management with SATO Online Services (SOS)
  • Auto RFID positioning with SATO RF Analyze (SRA)
  • Label Waste Prevention -eliminates first label loss

SATO SG112-ex Large Format Industrial Printer

Wide Width, High Speed and Precision Printing

SATO Specialty PrintersThe SATO SG112-ex Large Format Industrial Printer continues SATO’s legacy in wide-width large format printing. Whether one single label or multiple smaller labels are printed at the same time the SG112-ex makes it possible for print widths up to 10.5-inches and print speeds of up to 6 ips without having to rotate the image. Precision printing isn’t compromised as the SG112-ex is equipped with a 305 dpi thermal print head. Multiple standard interface options and multi-language LCD display provide ease of use among different installations and users.

  • Large Format Industrial Printer
  • 10.5" Print Width
  • Automatic Label Loading
  • Flexible Connectivity with Multiple Standard Interfaces
  • Intuitive Multi-Language Display
  • Fast and Consistent Throughput
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