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Print Your Own Labels In-House & On-Demand

Vivid Data Group’s NeuraLabel desktop label printers, allow you to print your own labels in-house and on-demand. Whether your product line consists of food, beverages, cosmetics, vape liquids, medical devices, or chemicals requiring compliant labels, you will have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your business labeling needs. Now you can print the labels you need, when you need them, reducing waste and eliminating wait time.

Ease of Use

NeuraLabel printing systems have been engineered with quality in mind. Not only do they offer a complete system to print high-quality labels in minutes, the reliability of our systems, give you the confidence for continued performance day after day.

Low Cost of Ownership

NeuraLabel label printers are some of the most affordable on the market, providing in-house, on-demand efficient label printing that cuts down on turn-around time. You will reduce waste by printing labels when you need them. And our printers work with most of the popular labeling software that you already own. Our low cost of lifetime ownership is impressive.

Exceptional Image Quality

NeuraLabel printers create full-color, high-resolution labels with sharp details and rich, dramatic colors that are durable. Whether you are printing chemical labels that must meet strict standards or packaging gourmet food, our pigment inks are water-resistant to ensure resistance to abrasion, saltwater immersion, and UV exposure.

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