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Canon Color Label Printers

LX-D5500-1Canon LX-D5500 Inkjet Label Printer

The Canon LX-D5500 Inkjet Label Printer is a reliable, flexible, and high-performance dye-based color label printing solution that delivers clear and vibrant labels and can help improve efficiency and productivity. The LX-D5500 label printer is ideal for printing product labels, distribution, and logistics labels, and retail and warehouse labels. This printer can use both a blank roll of paper and fanfold paper. It also supports a wide variety of paper types, such as matte paper and glossy paper. With flexible support, the printer allows you to print specific labels at the time they are needed, eliminating the need to store preprinted labels. The printer has the capability to print up to 1200 x 1200 dpi as well as up to 200mm per second. With high-density printing, the bar codes will scan faster, and the small test will be more visible.

P5510-1000x1000Canon LX-P5510 Inkjet Label Printer

The Canon LX-P5510 Inkjet Label Printer is designed to be reliable and flexible, delivering high-resolution, full-color labels. By utilizing pigment-based ink for moisture resistance and durability, the LX-P5510 helps improve efficiency and productivity by creating long-lasting labels as needed.

The LX-P5510 printer is designed to print vibrant, high-quality, long-lasting labels on demand. With high-performance pigment inks that are formulated to withstand water, abrasion, harsh chemicals, and UV or sunlight exposure, the LX-P5510 printer can be used in a variety of sectors and applications. From transportation and warehousing (shipping and inventory) to manufacturing (food & beverage, chemical), retail (pharmacy, grocery), agriculture (crop production), and wholesale general packaging and labels, the LX-P5510 printer can help save on storage space and costs by printing labels on-demand rather than printing large volumes in advance. Other uses for the LX-P5510 include printing items such as tickets, temporary ID tags or badges, decals, stickers, and more.

Canon Card and Badge Printers

Canon CX-G2400 2-Inch Card and Badge PrinterCanon Printers

With the Canon CX-G2400 2-Inch Card and Badge Printer, there is now a fast, high-quality, and secure solution for printing 2-inch plastic and paper business cards. The Canon CX-G2400 is the perfect solution for printing on-site corporate ID cards, school & university ID cards, visitor passes & badges, and business cards – where speed, reliability, and quality count. With support for plastic CR80 and paper Business Cards, you will be able to print all your identification needs from a single machine. All the ID and business cards are printed on the spot, meaning you can customize and adjust credentials based on your ever-changing needs.

Canon Printers

Canon CX-G6400 4-Inch Card and Badge Printer

Vivid Data Group’s Canon CX-G6400 4-Inch Card and Badge Printer is designed specifically for your hospitality printing needs. Print customized event, festival, tradeshow, and sporting event badges, fast, on-demand, and on the spot in a single pass. Pre-printing badge and event cards are a hassle, from needing to order multiple types of inventory and tracking each for individual costs to the inability to make design changes based on your changing needs with the CX-G6400 fast on-demand printing, all of these hassles are a thing of the past.


Canon IX-R7000 Card and Badge Printer

Engineered for speed and capable of high-quality output, the Canon IX-R7000 Card and Badge Printer is ideal for producing single and dual-sided cards in vibrant color. For ID cards, visitor badges, loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel room keys, gift cards, business cards, and even access control cards, over-the-edge printing can deliver the professional look needed in sectors like education, accommodations, and hospitality, retail, administrative & support services, government and more. Printing cards on-demand allows users to print what is needed when it is needed, so there is no need to maintain a large inventory.


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