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Date: Jul 15, 2020

The BarTender Free Edition lets you try features from all three of our paid editions: Professional, Automation, and Enterprise. To help you discover the best edition for your needs, BarTender will tell you which edition contains the features you try.

One thing you can do is enhance your labeling workflow by creating actions. You can processes that execute business logic directly from your documents and forms. You can enhance your business processes by using actions in BarTender to execute business logic as part of a workflow.

You are also able to create more labels with fewer templates using layers, conditional printing, and a little business logic.  Conditional printing allows you to set specific conditions under which an object on your document will print.

By default, each new document contains one template. However, you have the option to create multiple templates in a single BarTender document. As a result, you have the ability to create, for example, separate front and back designs for your document. Also, a leading document to be printed at the start of each print job. A template is simply a design area in BarTender where you design the items you want to print.

BarTender's success depends on the success of our partners, so we provide the best package of products, services, and policies in the industry:

  • Industry-leading software powerful enough to solve the most complex labeling challenges.
  • Extensive, free reseller training.
  • Pre-sales and post-installation support from our Sales team, Technical Support experts, and Sales Engineers.
  • Comprehensive marketing materials, including brochures, sales sheets, and case studies, plus signage for trade shows and other events.
  • A strong global network of distributors.
  • Easy upgrades to support a wide range of printing and marking solutions, from small, stand-alone printing environments at SMBs to large, automated printing infrastructures at large enterprises.

Vivid Data Group, is a reseller of BarTender products and partners looking to help enable customers to transform their information into labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, and documents. Check out Vivid Data Group's BarTender solutions on our webpage.

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