Dye vs Pigment Inkjet Inks

Date: Jul 16, 2020

Dye vs Pigment Inkjet InksColordyne recently published a blog post comparing Dye versus Pigment inkjet color inks. This post outlines the difference between the two ink types providing a guide when selecting the ink type to produce the best color label results.  Selecting the correct ink type can dramatically impact the quality and durability of the printed label.  Vivid Data Group is a Colordyne partner that can assist with selecting the color inkjet printing system that best fits your label printing application.  Vivid Data Group offers both dye and pigment inkjet color label printers in our extensive portfolio. With over 30 years of combined color inkjet label printing experience, a member of the Vivid Data Group team can assist with selecting the label printer to meet your business needs.

Click the link below to read the complete posting and contact a member of the Vivid Data Group team to provide more details along with possible color label printing solutions.

Colordynes: Dye vs Pigment Comparison

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