MEMJET Ink Transition FAQ

MEMJET Ink Transition FAQ

Afinia has reformulated its ink cartridges for the models: L701, L801, L801 Plus, L901, L901 Plus, CP950 Printers, and DLP Series Presses. Customers will need to download new firmware for their printers from our website support page to ensure that the new ink cartridges perform as directed. The new ink cartridges have a slightly different label compared to the old versions, so be careful when receiving your new ink that it doesn't get mixed together. Your old version of the Afinia ink cartridges will still be compatible once you download the new firmware but you must download the firmware to use the new ink. If you do not upgrade to the new firmware, inks, and printheads may become unusable and will not be covered under warranty or refund. To download and install the new firmware, CLICK HERE!

Why is this change necessary?

The change in ink formula is necessary due to global supply issues and the unavailability of certain dyes used in Memjet inks. This adjustment ensures a continuous supply of ink for Memjet printers already deployed in the field.

What are the printer models impacted by the new ink transition?

The impacted printer models are:

  • L701
  • L801 / L801 Plus
  • L901 / L901 Plus
  • DLP-2100 / DLP-2200 (with integrated L901)
  • CP950 / CP950 Plus
  • FP230
  • iCube DG & DN

In the new ink transition guide, the following terms are used, what do they mean?


  • NorthStar: The Memjet Print Engine used in all L701, L801, L801 Plus, and iCube printers listed above
  • Sirius: The Memjet Print Engine used in all L901 series, CP950 series, FP230, and DLP products listed above
  • VERSAPASS DG: Used in L701, L801, L901, CP950, iCube
  • VERSAPASS DN: Used in L801 Plus, L901 Plus, FP230, and CP950 Plus

What is the procedure for transitioning to the new inks?

These are the steps operators need to take before installing their ink cartridges:

The procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: Export custom sizes
  • Step 2: Download your printer’s latest firmware version from our support section.
  • Step 3: Install the printer firmware (est. 5 min). Refer to your printer user manual for instructions.
  • Step 4: Reboot the printer.
  • Step 5: Import custom sizes

When installing one or more of the new cartridges for a given color for the first time, please follow these steps before installing.  This must be performed for each color once an old cartridge is replaced with one of the new cartridges.

  • Step 1: Execute a Replace Printhead Command from the control panel (Configuration > Printhead > Replace). This will purge the ink from the printhead back into the ink cartridges (est. 1 min). When the purge process is completed, the printhead (blue) latch that holds the printhead in place will lift automatically.  ** DO NOT remove the printhead **
  • Step 2: Replace your existing ink cartridge(s) with the new ink cartridge(s).
  • Step 3: Press down the printhead (blue) latch. This will prime the printhead (est. 8 min).
  • Step 4: The printer is now ready for use.

Which version of firmware update will I need to install?

Firmware versions: 

  1. L701 / L801 / L801 Plus / iCube models – version 16.2 or later.
  2. L901 / L901 Plus / FP230 / CP950 / DLP models – version 1.7 or later.

Do I need to change the security level in the printer to perform the ink transitioning procedure?


Can I use an intermix of old and new ink cartridges in my printer? Will it impact the color tones of my labels?

Yes, you can replace one or multiple ink cartridges at one time. The color gamut of the old and new inks are similar. There may be a slight color shift in some situations due to an intermix of the inks, but it is generally not noticeable. If you wish to avoid any color shift, replace the printhead and all 5 inks at the same time.

Do I need to install a new printer driver?

  • For NorthStar engine printers, only a firmware update is required.
  • For Sirius engine printers, a new driver will be available, which will contain new print profiles. The new driver will detect which inks are installed and display the appropriate profiles.

Will there be RoHS/Reach documents for the new inks?

Yes, we can provide the MSDS, and RoHS/Reach documents for the new inks. These documents are available by request – please contact your authorized Afinia Label dealer or sales representative.

Will there be different part numbers for the new inks?

No, all part numbers will remain the same. The ink type will be indicated on the ink cartridge label.

How will new inks be identified?

New inks will be identified by a new label on the cartridge, and a warning label with the following statement:

New-Ink-Circle-6-21-24901 Ink with Sticker

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