Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Labels

Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Labels

Achieve Impeccable Compliance Across Your Organization

Accuracy of your label data goes far beyond getting your product to the right place. Labels serve double and often triple duty by showing safety warnings, ingredients, nutritional information, date stamps, and more. Much of this information is required by law, often with different formats in different countries and languages. An error can carry substantial non-compliance consequences—and frustrate the customer.

At Vivid Data Group we help organizations achieve labeling compliance, with central control over label format and content—including secure templates, automated updates, and elimination of manual entry. Our labeling solutions are designed to help you be compliant and transparent for all key stakeholders:

  • Regulatory authorities who have the power to levy fines, order recalls and impose sanctions on your business
  • Your customers who need accurate labeling throughout the supply chain and on the store shelf
  • Consumers who rely on labels for safety and product information
  • Legislators who decide new rules regulating your industry

Labeling accuracy helps ensure product quality and customer trust at all levels. When your products have consistent, compliant labeling, it ensures they will move smoothly through the supply chain and to market.

Auditing Process

Vivid Data Group builds custom compliance solutions where information can be kept for auditing purposes. Our goal is to provide you the tools for any audit you face. Our systems offer centralized control and enterprise-scale features including:

  • Data validation
  • Traceability for products you send out
  • Timestamps and date stamps
  • Easy, accurate recordkeeping and automated reports
  • Secure templates and quick, easy label updates
  • Foreign language support
  • FDA compliant electronic signatures

If you are audited by the FDA or any other agency, our systems can help you show complete production-to-destination records for every product, batch or shipment. With the right software, you will be able to show that clear, current compliance information was displayed on every label, when the shipments were sent and when they were received. We can show you the technology to work through an audit and respond rapidly to changing customer requirements.

This kind of centralized system doesn’t just help with regulators. It also reduces the risk of production errors and shipping mistakes. It can even help you avoid product recalls.

Your Partner in Effortless Compliance

Vivid Data Group is an experienced labeling integrator with global scale customers. We have the technology and the knowledge to create labeling processes for large, international organizations with complicated compliance needs. We’ve helped clients reduce operational costs, streamline labeling, and achieve their goals in many industries including:

  • Foodservice
  • Chemicals
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial product labels
  • Consumer product labels
  • eJuice

Vivid Data Group understands that every growing organization has unique needs, use cases, and legacy systems. We can help you get rid of complicated workarounds and standardize every location or division under a single efficient system. We view 100% compliance as an achievable goal—indeed, the only goal worth pursuing.

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