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Make Color Labels Your New Standard


Make Color Labels Your New Standard

Don’t be a monochrome company in a full-color world.

Color Labels Do More—For Less

For the first time in history, affordable full-color label printing is available for businesses of all sizes. It started in 2011 when Memjet introduced a new method for color printing. Their technology uses nanotechnology to print tiny ink droplets onto the page at incredibly high speeds. This technology allowed for high-precision, high-resolution color printing with less wasted ink, translating to lower color printing costs. Now Epson and Neuralabel have introduced similar technology, each with its own advantages.

Vivid Data Group saw this new technology as a massive opportunity for any business that needs to print labels in-house. Faster, cheaper color printing means full-color labels are within reach for your business. Unfortunately, many businesses are still stuck on old black and white label printers or legacy color technology. Typically this means the use of color is limited to a single color logo. The result is a huge missed opportunity, where black and white information fails to catch the eye—both in the warehouse and in front of the consumer.

At Vivid Data Group we believe that color printing does more than just make you look good. It can improve human interaction at all levels of the supply chain, reducing errors and bolstering your brand.

Solutions, Not Products

At Vivid Data Group we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Our background is in Six Sigma process consulting. We look at your label printing processes as a system and optimize it across your organization. Our team has the experience to tailor printers, systems, and software to your specific application or industry need adding the flexibility to meet future growth and changing customer needs. We’ve used this approach to reduce costs and integrate color for clients in dozens of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Foodservice
  • Chemical products
  • Pharmaceuticals & medical devices
  • eJuice
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial products

Better Labels, Same Cost

We leverage faster, better printers to integrate color into your operations. In 2011, Memjet introduced new high-speed inkjet technology to make short run, variable printing extremely economical. Competitive technology was quickly introduced by Epson and NeuraLabel. We saw the potential to apply these new technologies to in-house label production—not only for faster printing time but for low-cost color integration.

Color integration has helped our clients achieve numerous benefits:

  • Reduced or eliminated label reading errors in the supply chain
  • Improved product information, with crisp full-color product images and symbols
  • High profile branding with distinctive product labels
  • Clear safety and compliance labels
  • Integrated product marketing and label design
  • Substantial reduction in lead time
  • Decreased printing costs

Go Full Color with Vivid Data Group

We offer custom solutions that improve your printing process and deliver measurable ROI. In many cases, we can integrate full color for the same or lower cost as your old black and white or pre-printed model.

Don’t be a monochrome company in a full-color world. We can integrate color in your labels across your operations—and save you money.
Contact Vivid Data Group or call 855-848-4332 to find out what we can do for you!

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