Blank Material Rolls

Vivid Data Group has an extensive selection of Blank Roll Labels in over one thousand different die-cut sizes and configurations made from a variety of materials to meet your labeling needs.  In addition, we have Continuous Blank Rolls of Material for printing labels to cut on your digital press or finisher.  We also offer Continuous Flexible Packaging Material for use with our FP230 Flexible Packaging Printer and your VFFS or HFFS filler and sealer.

Blank Roll Labels (Die-Cut)

Stack of Labels Stock ImageVivid Data Group has an online tool that will take you step by step through finding the right label for your products. We have the widest selection of industry-leading materials to give you the best choices and superior quality so you have the right supplies to create that perfect label to wow your customers. Our blank roll label experience is the best in the industry when it comes to providing a label that will work for your printing processes, applications process, and also your customers' tastes. To complement the high-quality printers that we sell, our large selection of blank inkjet label rolls includes continuous and pre-die-cut label sizes, shapes, and materials made to the specifications of your printer. This allows you to create custom labels for your products or other specialized or unique commercial applications.

Continuous Rolls of Material and Laminate

Cont-Roll-Material-150x150We are now offering continuous roll material and lamination to make your color labels stand out from the competition, in addition to providing the superior product and technical support you have become accustomed to receiving from Vivid Data Group.  Our stock of 8.5″ Wide Continuous Roll Label Material is available in Gloss Polypropylene (BOPP), Gloss Paper, or Matte Polypropylene (BOPP) face sheets.  We can also provide 3″ to 13″ custom widths. Our specialized 5″ Wide Continuous Roll Label Material – Dry Edge is made with an extra 1/16″ of liner material on both edges to prevent any excess adhesive from oozing out of the roll edge onto your printing equipment (rollers, transfer belts, etc.) during the printing process. We offer an extensive line of Clear Gloss and Matte Polypropylene (BOPP) Lamination that provides the best possible finish and protection for your labels. Our stock of Fanfold Label Material is a great option for larger-sized labels. Similar to roll labels, fanfold labels come on a continuous liner but are stacked and folded with perforations in between sheets for ease of folding and separation. Typically, fanfold labels can contain more individual labels than roll labels, as they are not constrained by the size of the inside printer unwind cabinet.

Innovative And Functional Flexible Packaging Solutions For Aqueous Inkjet Printing

SIHL-Category-Logo-150x150Vivid Data Group and Sihl have partnered to present ARTYSIO, an innovative production of flexible packaging material for digital inkjet printing.  The material was developed and positioned for narrow-web printers, converters, and brand manufacturers. It will enable you to digitally produce on-demand, individualized flexible packaging according to your needs. The ability to easily provide new sales concepts and product presentations will open new markets for your company, showcasing high-quality, functional packaging for your products.

Sihl has developed a unique solution that enables a sustainable, plastic-based material to be combined with high-quality, environmentally friendly, aqueous inkjet printing. Sihl packaging materials guarantee a very good runnability on a variety of existing and new packaging machines.

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