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Over-labeling is the process of applying a label overtop of a previously applied label. The back of the top label uses a coating that blocks out the label underneath. As a result, customers only see what’s been applied on top. So, it not only solves outdated labels or labels with errors, but it also creates a professional look. Standard label material is too transparent to use for over labeling. It does not effectively cover up all images, text, and bar codes that you need to cover up. Whether you need an over labeling solution for your beverage label or pharmaceutical labels, we have a solution that will meet all your requirements.

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How Over-Labeling Provides Cost-Saving Flexibility

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Human error is bound to happen. So, it’s great to have a simple solution that corrects typos, errors with graphics, or any other nuisance. No need to remove labels either!

Maybe a top label gets applied to only a portion of the bottom label. Say, a price change occurs. Instead of completely redesigning and re-applying the label, simply apply a small black and white label overtop. So, this solution saves money in reproduction.

This technique isn’t an ideal fit for widespread releases, but it does make sense for testing, and for smaller scale adjustments. So, if you’re business is a small business with a single location, or you’re testing a new wine label at the vineyard, save money. Test onsite and make minor corrections instead of paying for a new batch of labels. Remember, this technique also saves time where removing labels and reapplying is concerned.

Over labeling allows you to:

  • Mask printing mistakes
  • Easily fix grammatical and product errors
  • Update outdated information

Over Labeling does require some special requirements, so let Vivid Data Group help you select the best option for your specific application.

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