The Summer is Upon Us – Keep Your Material and Paper Path Protected From Adhesive Build Up

The summer is upon us – keep your material and paper path protected from adhesive build-up.

With the warmer months approaching the heat can affect the performance of your label material and your printer.

It is important you keep your print environment and material protected!

In this bulletin, we will be providing some suggestions for you to help keep your label material and label printer clean and free of adhesive so that it is less susceptible to material jams and or potentially other mechanical problems.

Beginning with your label material it is imperative that you keep it from being directly exposed to weather elements (extreme heat, direct sunlight, or even rain). The following tips will help in keeping your material protected:

  • Keep your label material stored on shelves and off the floor
  • Keep unused label material boxed up or stored away in cabinets until it’s time to print
  • When available keep the material in an air-conditioned room
  • Protect your material from dust and other artifacts by keeping it bagged up

The next item we are going to look at is the paper path in your printer. As label material passes through your printer that material carries dust and adhesive on it. Over time that adhesive can collect on the sides of the paper path and snag additional paper dust and debris that passes through. This builds up over time and can cause print quality issues, paper jams, or other mechanical failures. Below are some suggestions and some areas of focus for operators to ensure their paper path doesn’t have excess amounts of adhesive and other debris build-ups:

  • Wiping the paper path down with a microfiber cloth and distilled water
  • Adhesive buildup can be removed using a Q-tip and Goo Gone
  • Focus on cleaning where the edges of the material touch in the paper path
  • Where your labels get loaded tends to collect the most debris and adhesive build-up

Adhesive Cleaning Pic 1Adhesive Cleaning Pic 2


In the event, that assistance is needed with cleaning your paper path or if you have additional questions please contact the Vivid Data Support Team by calling 855-848-4332 EXT 2 or by emailing

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