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Integrate Printing with Your Software or Hardware

Integrate Printing with Your Software or Hardware

Print Your Labels In-House—Without Expensive Workarounds

At Vivid Data Group we believe every business should be able to print their own labels in-house, in cost-effective short runs, without complicated customization or expensive equipment. That’s why our label design solutions integrate flawlessly with existing systems—at a fraction of the cost of custom alternatives.

How Label Printing Integration Works

Vivid Data Group offers a robust label design system that talks to existing hardware, software, databases, and label printers. In many cases our printing integration solutions are as simple as “plug & play”—simply use standard connection methods and you are ready to print great-looking labels in seconds.

We make the process easy at every step:

  • Grab existing data from any source. No matter where your label data is stored, you can import it effortlessly into the ready-to-print label design. Many customers have existing label data saved in other business systems; you can pull from these labels without redoing anything. Our system will simply extract the label data, merge it into a new label template, and print out the label on demand. Alternately, you can import data from Excel or a database to make any label you need.
  • Automate label printing. With preloaded label templates, you don’t need to do any design work unless you want to. Merge data into a standard template and watch as error-free labels print out with no customization needed.
  • Design new templates in seconds. If you prefer to customize your labels, you’ll find our interface intuitive and easy to use. We offer drag-and-drop design elements, instant resizing, and full support for graphics from existing labels in other programs or from a library of common images, warnings, and text. Compliance language, GHS symbols, and foreign language support are all built-in.
  • Print to any label printer. You simply do not need a complicated custom solution to make your software speak to your label printer. Our program will let you draw on any business system and print to any label printer, without worrying that something will be lost along the way. Enjoy a glitch-free label printing experience the first time you print and every time.

Eliminate Label Errors & Save Money

Integrating label printing does more than just make your life easier. It also reduces label printing errors and directly contributes to your bottom line. Here are a few of the ways that our label printing solutions will save you money:

  • Save hours on label creation. Our all-in-one solution allows you to drop barcodes directly into your label design, saving you time.
  • Eliminate human input errors. Label design is not a place for manual data entry. The cost of a single error is simply too high. By automating much of the process and making the rest intuitive and simple, we reduce the risk of errors.
  • Reduce the training curve. How long does it take you to train new operators on label printing? How many mistakes do they make as they learn the ropes? With an easier interface and full integration into your existing systems, operators learn quicker and make fewer mistakes. Improve compliance. A fully integrated, intuitive labeling system means no compliance fines or angry customers.
  • Never outsource your label printing again. Labels should be easy to print in-house, and doing so saves you money. With Vivid Data Group, you will never have to outsource again.

Are you ready to start saving time—and money?

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