Integrate Marketing Messages with Product Packaging

Integrate Marketing Messages with Product Packaging

What Do Your Labels Say About You?

We believe that labels can do more than just get your product to the right destination. In a world of beige boxes and black barcodes, a full-color marketing message makes your product stand out. With the right printing technology you can produce vibrant, branded messages on labels across your entire product line—anywhere in the world. The result? Packaging that grabs consumer attention, showcases your product’s benefits and helps drive sales.

At Vivid Data Group, we help our clients integrate full-color marketing content to all labels, printed at any location in virtually any format. Your enterprise can make marketing content part of your standardized labeling throughout your organization—and reduce operational costs.

Full-Color Integration

When Memjet developed a high speed, full-color inkjet technology, Vivid Data Group saw an opportunity. We believed that this technology could be used to integrate full color into short-run variable label printing, producing visually striking labels at a dramatically lower cost. We now champion the use of high-speed inkjet printers from a variety of manufacturers and help large organizations deploy this technology for cost-effective, standardized color labels.

We can help you make color labels your new standard:

  • Low-cost color printing. Our high speed, full-color inkjet printers print up to 15 times faster than conventional color printers, while using less ink. This lowers the cost of color printing to be competitive with traditional black and white labels. You get gorgeous marketing content for the same or lower print cost as your old labels.
  • Marketing messages that pop. Don’t settle for a small color logo on a plain, black, and white label. You can extend full-color images across the label, complete with product images, marketing messages, and branding.
  • The right labels for your needs. We can optimize your printer technology for more vibrant color, more durable color under harsher circumstances, or a balance of the two. With Vivid Data Group, the labels you produce will get to the consumer looking just as good as when you printed them.
  • Centralized control. Our enterprise printing systems give you central control over standardized labels across the entire organization. You can ensure total brand consistency and use labels to support campaigns worldwide.
  • Brand protection. Track every label ever printed by any of your suppliers or manufacturers, with full traceability. Never let your brand be subject to overruns or counterfeiting again.

Use Existing Marketing Content in Any Label

Vivid Data Group doesn’t just offer printers. We offer customized design-to-delivery solutions for global organizations. We can streamline your label design process so that you can create great-looking labels in hours, not weeks, using existing marketing images.

  • Built-in business logic automatically chooses the label size, language, and other variables based on your data
  • The intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you drop in images in seconds
  • Pull graphics from any existing label
  • Use master data for label design worldwide, and print to any printer in your organization

Make Your Product Vivid

At Vivid Data Group, we create customized, scalable solutions for any organization in any industry. We have helped clients integrate marketing messages in labels for consumer products, food products, medical devices, and more.

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