Improve Process Efficiency & Data Accuracy

Improve Process Efficiency & Data Accuracy

Reduce Printing Costs and Increase Accuracy

Many of our customers come to us with legacy systems or dozens of decentralized printing processes. Often, these outdated systems continue to get labels printed, but with enormous maintenance and support costs. A typical decentralized system slows down response time to changing customer requirements and allows errors to creep into labels because no single master data source is being used. Choices regarding label format and design are made on the spot by staff around the world, often with little consistency. The result is operational bloat, siloed printing procedures, and complaints from customers. Your organization can do better, and we can help you.

At Vivid Data Group we specialize in developing printing process solutions that improve process efficiency, ensure data accuracy, and put your label printing under centralized control. We believe in customizing our solutions to your enterprise’s specific needs, making sure that it will fit every use case and scale flexibly across a growing, changing organization.

Faster Systems, Lower Cost

Vivid Data Group uses a methodology to assess your existing print process and identify the points that cost you time, money, and organizational resources. We then engineer elegant high-tech solutions that deliver measurable benefits, including:

  • Process efficiency. We integrate printing with your existing business systems including ERPs, WMSs, SCMs, and more. Enjoy built-in connectors to Oracle, SAP, and other programs and high-performance printing across thousands of print jobs to any printer in your global network.
  • Data accuracy. Our printing processes integrate with your secure master data worldwide, ensuring a single source for all labels and no more outdated or duplicate data.
  • No more errors. Get rid of time-consuming manual data entry and get rid of entry errors and labeling mistakes once and for all.
  • Automated business logic. Extract data from existing labels without coding. When you print, let our system automatically choose label formats, languages, and even which printer to use based on data attributes—even if drawing data from multiple sources.
  • Scalability. We don’t believe in creating tomorrow’s legacy system. Our custom solutions are designed with infinite scale in mind. We code intelligently and fluidly so that your printing process can take on any number of new printers and keep functioning no matter how your business pivots or grows.

Above all, we build our printing efficiency solutions with an eye to reducing your operational costs. By eliminating decentralized applications, we save you money on support and maintenance costs and eliminate the need for workarounds or future customization. Every solution we build is architected to pay for itself.

Performance You Can Count On

You can’t run a global operation on cookie-cutter solutions. Vivid Data Group takes an intelligent approach to streamline and improve your printing system so that you have a leaner, more agile, more cost-effective enterprise. We have successfully engineered solutions for leaders in virtually every field:

  • Consumer product labels
  • Industrial product labels
  • Hazardous chemical labeling & shipping
  • Food products
  • EJuice
  • Medical devices

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