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Improve Print Workflow Efficiency with Color Matching Software

Improve Print Workflow Efficiency with Color Matching Software

Wield the Right Tools When Color Matters

Many enterprises invest significant resources in high-quality printers to create brilliant marketing images in-house. Unfortunately, much of the value of these printers remains “locked away” when they’re used solely with their out-of-the-box print drivers. Drivers have limited capacity to match the colors you’re printing to what’s on the screen and do not have the ability to streamline or control print workflow. As a result, your printing process may suffer from a variety of problems:

  • Printed colors do not match what was on the screen
  • Collateral printed today does not match past copies of the same collateral
  • Printing is slow and machines are tied up for hours on a few jobs
  • Printing results are operator-dependent

At Vivid Data Group, we view this as a value that has been robbed from you. You should be able to draw on the full capabilities of the printing technology you’ve paid for. That’s why we recommend Raster Image Processor (RIP) software for any enterprise with high-quality printing needs.

How It Works

RIP software improves enterprise efficiency by streamlining the workflow of print jobs, particularly where large, high-resolution images are concerned. One of the most important benefits of RIP software is that it makes it easy, often automatic, to control the colors in the finished printed collateral. Essentially, what you see on the screen is what you get when you press print, and you enjoy total printing consistency across multiple jobs.

But color matching isn’t the only benefit of a Raster Image Processor. Your processor acts as your all-in-one print engine, speeding up print time and making the printing process easier and more reliable.

Benefits of RIP programs include:

  • Faster print time. RIP software decreases setup time for your print jobs. This allows higher throughput and better use of time in your organization. It also allows you to leverage a smaller number of machines to do more.
  • Handle large images. Image files become large when either the image itself is large in dimensions, the resolution of the image is high, or both. When an image runs higher than 300 MB, a standard print driver seems to hit a wall and the entire process becomes clumsy and time-consuming. This is because the print driver is straining to simultaneously process the image and print it, essentially wasting system resources trying to do two jobs at once. Your RIP software will process the entire image before sending it to the printer, giving you less lag and a faster workflow.
  • ICC profiling. A typical RIP program will crease an International Color Consortium (ICC) profile for every device you have. An ICC profile essentially “maps” what colors your device is capable of displaying and helps the printer accurately capture what you saw on the screen. Color matching becomes a snap.
  • Keep the workflow moving. RIP programs help organize your workflow and allow operators to prep or process one image while another is printing.
  • Easier reprints. RIP software will save the processed data for every print job, meaning reprints can be done instantly without processing the image again.

Vivid Data Group Gives You More

At Vivid Data Group, we don’t just sell software. We help you implement it. We can assist with installation, configuration, and training to make sure you get the most out of your RIP software and fully realize the potential of your printing technology.

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