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Improve Human Interaction by Integrating Color into Labels

Improve Human Interaction by Integrating Color into Labels

Full-Color Labels for All Your Products

Vivid Data Group believes that color has power. Full-color labels naturally grab the eye, demanding attention in a way that black and white text, grayscale images do not. A more colorful label means a better customer experience, more marketing power, and fewer mistakes in the warehouse and throughout the supply chain. At Vivid Data Group we believe every organization should have access to affordable full-color labels—and we can make it a reality for your company.

In the past, going full-color was a difficult choice. Short-run color printing was expensive, often twice the cost or more on a per-label basis. For a large enterprise, that kind of extra cost adds up rapidly: For many businesses, the math simply didn’t work out.

The math has changed. As on-demand, color printing evolved, we saw an opportunity. We were among the first to enter the market offering high speed, full-color inkjet label printers. Our technology dramatically reduces lead time and makes color printing affordable. For the first time, you can design and implement color labels as the standard across your entire enterprise.

Visual Verification: How Color Labels Transform the Warehouse

People interact with your product at every level of the supply chain. Whether it’s in the warehouse, during order fulfillment, or stocking the back room at a store, every item you ship needs to be sorted and put in the right place. And every human interaction is a chance for human error.

Integrating color into your labels means reducing that human error—often dramatically. Simple color-coding makes it easier to get your product to the right place, in the warehouse, or anywhere. And a full-color image of the product on the label can help workers make immediate sense of what they’re holding. Even safety and compliance labeling become more effective when color is introduced.

The results of color labeling can be striking:

  • Eliminate human error in sorting or shipping your product
  • Ensure that product moves smoothly through the supply chain
  • Save time and money by reducing errors

Boost Your Brand

If your labels are meant for the end consumer, the color becomes even more important. Full-color labels come with a host of marketing benefits:

  • Reinforce branding on all parts of the package
  • Make your product stand out from competitors
  • Your product is the first one people reach for on the shelf
  • Diagrams and pictures make your product easy to understand
  • Color enhances marketing text such as benefits and features

Go Full Color with Vivid Data Group

Vivid Data Group was one of the first companies to harness the power of fast, low-cost color printing for labels. Today, we are one of the most experienced and versatile integrators in North America. Our high speed, short-run inkjet printers will allow you to produce full-color labels for the same or lower cost than your old labels—and do it faster. We can recommend the right technology for you or build custom solutions from the ground up.

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