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Improve Agility & Customer Responsiveness

Improve Agility & Customer Responsiveness

Meet Your Customers’ Changing Requirements Faster

Your customers are your greatest asset—and they have needs. When it comes to labels, those needs can change rapidly. Customers count on your labels to guide shipments, meet regulatory requirements, steer the product in the warehouse, and play nice with inventory and fulfillment systems. Every barcode has to be correct and every customer requirement must be met. If it’s not, your customer will look for a more responsive supplier.

That’s why Vivid Data Group focuses on agility in label design and printing. We believe that the value of your printing process can be measured in happy customers. If the system isn’t flexible, new or changing requirements will require weeks of design time or complicated workarounds. Legacy systems often break down under changing needs, leading to label errors and costly compliance fees. We do away with clunky implementation and help you meet customer requirements quickly and easily, with central control over all your labels organization-wide.

This Is What Efficiency Looks Like

Short-run variable label printing is inherently agile. At Vivid Data Group, we build systems that make the design process as fast as the printing. Our solutions aim to make your organization leaner, enabling the same-day implementation of new customer requirements in most cases. Enterprise solutions begin with standardized labeling, central control, and automated systems that make changes easy, even for the most complex organizations.

These systems have helped our customers achieve lightning-fast responsiveness:

  • Reduced design time. We’ve reinvented label design so that it takes hours, not days or weeks. Simple templates, drag-and-drop design interface, and coding-free barcode support all speed up the process so that new labels are quick and easy.
  • Easy implementation of customer-specific requirements. Some customers have elaborate label requirements. Others change them regularly. With automated recordkeeping and intuitive label design, you can provide each customer with their own customized labels while keeping operational costs low.
  • A handful of templates cover hundreds of customers. The days of thousands of label templates are over. Vivid Data Group gives you the power to use a few standard templates and easily adjust them for new customers or products. Label fields resize to fit your content and images or objects can be pulled from one label to another in seconds.
  • Seamless label updates. When a customer gives you new label standards, make the changes in one master template, and migrate them instantly across the whole organization.
  • No more outdated or inaccurate labels. A shocking number of organizations still use decentralized label design methods where each location manages its own design process. We give you central control over all labels with role-based permissions, secure templates, revision history, and total traceability. Employees simply cannot grab outdated label templates—or introduce errors.

Accelerate Your Response Time

Agility doesn’t come easily. At Vivid Data Group, we customize solutions to give you a flexible, efficient platform that grows with your enterprise—and your customers. This allows a timely response to increased demands and requirements.

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