How do I check and replace my Ink Waste Tray Absorber Pad?

How do I check and replace my Ink Waste Tray Absorber Pad?

Typically, when we discuss the topic of consumables, we spend most of that time addressing the need to replace printheads, ink tanks, and service stations/microfiber rollers. However, one important and integral consumable that typically gets overlooked is the ink waste pad absorber.

What is the objective of the ink waste absorber pad? The sole objective is to receive and absorb all excess ink that gets directed through the service station to the ink waste pad absorber. This ink can be excess ink that does not make it onto a label or ink that is collected during printhead maintenance.

Where is the ink waste pad absorber located in my printer? On all Memjet printers, the ink waste pad absorber is located directly under the ink tank reservoir. Push in on the waste tray tabs and pull out (Figure 1). Before removing the ink waste pad absorber put gloves on because there may be excess ink that can transfer onto your hands or possibly your clothes.


Figure 1, Ink Waste Absorber Tabs

How do you know when it is time to replace the ink waste pad absorber? If your ink waste pad is more than 75% saturated Vivid Data Group suggests replacing the ink waste pad. Waiting for the ink waste pad absorber to get fully saturated will potentially lead to a messy ink leak that will result in a lengthy clean-up. The absorbers below are both full and need to be replaced (Figure 2). How does yours compare?

Ink Waste Pad PartialInk Waste Pad Full










Figure 2, Overly Saturated Ink Waste Absorber Pads

How frequently should I check to see if it is time to replace? It’s a good practice to check the ink waste pad absorber every three months. If the decision is made to wait any longer, the risk is run of coming into a messy ink leak.

Can I wash and reuse my ink waste pad absorber? No, only the blue tray can be washed and re-used the ink waste pad itself cannot be.

Our support team encourages all Operators to keep an extra ink waste pad absorber available in the event a backup is needed on short notice.

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