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How can preventive maintenance help my Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label Printer?

How can preventive maintenance help my Afinia L801 and L801 Plus Label Printer?

Similar to the routine maintenance you perform on your vehicle to increase its life span your printer needs similar maintenance to keep it running at the factory standard. Over time printing can lead to an abundance of paper dust, debris, ink and other particulates to build up with in your printer’s nooks and crannies. Eventually if these particulates and paper debris do not get removed, they can lead to jams, smudging and even potentially downtime.

In order to combat the jams, smudging and even downtime our Support Department suggests a routine maintenance cycle be adopted amongst print operators. We suggest that preventive maintenance tasks should consist of:

  • Cleaning material sensors

  • Making sure the paper path is free of dust and debris

  • Making sure there is no adhesive build up where the labels get loaded

  • Print routinely, regardless if printing production or not. Printing a couple labels daily will help keep the printhead from drying out due to lack of use and increase life expectancy of the printhead

  • Run built in printhead cleaning procedures within printer settings

As a reminder Vivid Data Group has several types of support options on offer for our customer base. Our support options consist of Onsite Support, Virtual Support and Time & Materials Support. Our Technical Support department can dispatch a technician to come onsite and perform routine maintenance and repairs, or we can guide an operator from your Print Team on how to conduct maintenance and repairs on your machine virtually via phone or remote desktop session. Our technicians are located nationwide but certain remote locations may not have coverage. In the event your company is interested in adding on one of the three support options.

For printer specific preventive maintenance tasks or discuss the best support option for your company please reach out to our Support Department. Our Support Department can be reached by emailing or by calling 855-848-4332 EXT 2.

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