GS1 Label Compliance

GS1 Label Compliance

The GS1 Standard International Logistic Label (STILL) is a set of standards for universal logistic labels. It includes guidelines for the structure of the logistic data, the design of the label itself, and where the label should be placed on the goods. The GS1 STILL label has three main goals:

  • Create a single logistic label that can be used at all levels of the supply chain
  • Make it easy for workers to find and scan the information
  • Minimize the chance of the label being destroyed or rendered unreadable

At Vivid Data Group, we help our clients create GS1 compliant labels that are consistent, accurate, and cost-effective. We can help your organization ensure GS1 label compliance at the lowest possible cost.

How GS1 STILL Labels Work

GS1 labels have two main sections: an optional upper section with written information, and a required lower section with barcodes and numbers.

  • Upper section: This area contains shipping information including the shipper, the consignee, and the carrier. It may contain additional information such as the weight or the delivery date. This entire section is optional but can be useful throughout the supply chain.
  • Lower section: This section contains one or two barcodes. GS1 standards require that human-readable text accompany each bar code. The first barcode is the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) and is mandatory. The second barcode is a GS1-128 barcode containing GTIN info, order number, and batch number. This second barcode is optional but common.

The GS1 STILL standard also includes recommendations for the size and placement of the label. Generally, A4, A5 or A6 size labels are recommended, with A6 used only if space is tight. Larger labels are not necessary and smaller labels render the barcode hard to read and easy to damage. Similarly, guidelines work to keep the placement of the label on a shipment as visible and protected as possible.

When these guidelines are followed, a single GS1 logistic label can stay on your product from the plant to the store or end-user. With STILL labels there is no need to re-label at each phase of the supply chain, saving time and money and reducing labeling errors.

Vivid Data Group Makes GS1 Label Compliance Easier

We help our clients print GS1 logistic labels in-plant faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. Our solutions include:

  • Faster label design. We can revamp your label production process and give you a simple, intuitive label design interface. Create GS1 standard labels in minutes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Design automation. Our label design solutions include intelligent label wizards that automatically select label size, template, and language based on data attributes.
  • Accurate data. Pull data from your product database or Excel and import it to make accurate labels without risk of duplicates or errors.
  • Eliminate manual data entry. Manual entry is one of the biggest sources of labeling errors and can lead to problems down the supply chain. It also wastes time. We help you use your master data as the sole source of truth and avoid painful manual entry.
  • Top-down control. Connect your labeling program with your ERP platform and centralize control of labeling across your entire organization. You can track every label printed at any location with full traceability.
  • No more labeling errors. A streamlined labeling process means fewer label errors and fewer compliance fines or shipping problems. Ultimately, our solutions help you lower your operational cost.

Vivid Data Group has helped clients in dozens of industries with GS1 label compliance.

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