Extend Standardized Labeling to Your Business Partners

Extend Standardized Labeling to Your Business Partners

Compliance & Brand Consistency Across Your Whole Supply Chain

Your organization may work with dozens or hundreds of supply chain partners across the world. Without a centralized labeling system, every one of these partners carries the risk of a labeling error—complete with shipping mistakes, warehouse pains, and costly compliance fines. Centralizing your labeling standards within your own organization is meaningless if you cannot extend the benefit to your business partners as well. That’s why Vivid Data Group offers complete standardized labeling for an unlimited number of partners.

At Vivid Data Group, we architect simple, elegant, high-performance solutions that can be extended to as many clients or partners as you see fit—without costly additional customization. We will build a single, scalable solution that you and your partners will never outgrow, even as customer requirements changed.

Our solutions will give you:

  • Consistent labels at every phase of your supply chain, inbound and outbound
  • Faster printing processes with a lower printing cost
  • No more mislabeling
  • Perfect brand consistency
  • Total central control

How It Works

Our printing solutions allow you to share access to your labeling systems with as many business partners as you choose. Your partners can then draw on your centralized, intuitive labeling software just like users within your company—while you retain full control. They can extract data from existing labels, automatically design labels based on data attributes, and avoid error-ridden manual data entry. Wherever possible, we focus on building client-side solutions so that label design and print preview are done on your partner’s PC without the delay of “talking” to your own print server. They can print on their own local label printers.

With Vivid Data Group, you can collaborate with your business partners to reduce compliance issues and save money. You empower your suppliers to put out higher quality labels, better represent your brand and bring in new business for your organization and theirs. You can also onboard new suppliers much faster, without costly “growing pains.”

Instant Advantages

Our solutions give you and your partners four key advantages:

  1. Improve efficiency and lower costs. Inbound labels are often riddled with mistakes and inconsistencies, leading to delays in the warehouse and across the supply chain. Standardizing labels means reducing goods-receiving time and avoiding delay costs.
  2. True on-demand printing. You can extend your labeling system to as many partners as you choose, without added per-partner costs or long term commitment. If your business changes, you’ve invested nothing in former suppliers. Our forward-looking label printing systems allow your enterprise to print on demand anywhere, anytime.
  3. Meet new needs faster. Customers, regulatory bodies, and the shifting market all bring changing label requirements. By extending your labeling to your partners, you ensure that your entire supply chain is as agile as you are.
  4. Protect your brand. Centralized labeling puts you in control of how many labels your suppliers can print and when, with full traceability. Monitor your suppliers’ label printing and avoid overruns and counterfeiting.

Total Control across Your Supply Chain

Vivid Data Group has produced customized, cost-effective standardized labeling in every industry including consumer products, industrial products, food products, and medical technology.

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