Epson Printer Ink Saving Tips

Epson Printer Ink Saving Tips

This document will walk users through Epson Printer Ink Saving Tips for the following models of Epson Equipment change and edit savings to minimize and save ink:

  • 7500 Series
  • 6500 Series
  • 6000 Series
  • 4000 Series

These settings can also be leveraged for the 3500 models and the 831 model but the settings panel for both of those models may look different than the figures depicted in this bulletin.

Below are settings that can be found in the Epson Advanced Settings Panel. Manipulating these settings as follows will ensure you reduce and save ink both during print jobs and during idle times.

Disable – Cleaning After Self Check


Nozzle Check Interval


  • Increase this value to a number larger than the print job you are running. This will ensure your print job is not interrupted with a print head clean during the job.
  • Change “Trigger to Head Maintenance” to a value between 10 and 12. The higher the value the better as it will increase the number of nozzle outages before the unit enters a cleaning cycle and disrupts printing.

Enable – Dot Substitution


Do Not Turn the Printer Off at the End Of the Day

  • Each time the unit is turned off and turned on the system does a prime on the printhead. This printhead prime flushes a lot of ink through the printhead to prep it for printing. However, if you routinely power your device on and off the life cycle of the ink tanks will drastically reduce.
  • To combat this our support department suggests leaving the unit on overnight and scheduling pre-job cleanings before printing your labels.
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