Epson Now Offers SITA Support for C7500 Series Printers

Epson Now Offers SITA Support for C7500 Series Printers

Big news from Epson – Until recently owners of the C7500 series printer were only able to purchase extended factory warranty and onsite warranty plans for their select model of the printer. Now however with Epson’s new update C7500 users can purchase C7500 SITA support for their printer.

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What are the benefits of purchasing an Epson C7500 SITA (Spare in The Air) Contract for my C7500 Series printer compared to the extended factory warranty and the onsite warranty support plans?

  • Tremendously reduce printer downtime
  • Alleviate your team of operators from having to troubleshoot and tinker with the printer

What does the Epson C7500 SITA support contract provide?

  • Direct access to premier virtual technical support Monday – Friday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM EST.
  • C7500 SITA coverage ensures that if a situation arises where an Epson technician cannot repair or fix the unit virtually/over the phone the customer will then be shipped a replacement unit and a return shipping label to box up and return the faulty printer.

Is the C7500 SITA support agreement a smart buy even if I still am operating under the first-year manufacturer warranty?

  • Definitely – in the event, the unit goes down for any reason and needs repairs within the first year. Under a C7500 SITA agreement, you are guaranteed to have a replacement unit sent to you. This will limit downtime, and keep you from having to wait for a technician in addition to saving you money for having to coordinate shipping the down unit to and from Epson for repairs.

Still on the fence about deciding whether to purchase an Epson C7500 SITA agreement. Below is the cost analysis of having an Epson C7500 SITA series printer repaired at the facility.

FAQs About Epson C7500 SITA Agreements

  • How quickly does it take for the printer to ship? The unit generally ships the same day. The cut-off for next-day shipments is 2 PM EST every day.
  • Can I have a printer the next day? If tickets are logged early enough in the day and processed by the manufacturer before 2 PM – yes, you can have the unit the next day. At worst you will have the unit within two days.
  • Will the C7500 SITA printer come with inks? No, before boxing up the faulty printer remove the remaining ink tanks from inside the machine and store them in a zip lock bag until the replacement unit arrives.
  • Is the replacement printer brand new? The replacement printer will not be a brand-new unit. It will be a lightly used unit with minimal wear on it.
  • Can I buy the C7500 SITA agreement any time after purchase? The C7500 SITA agreement must be purchased when the printer was purchased or within the first 30 days of the printer being purchased.
  • How can I renew my agreement at the end of the coverage term? Vivid Data Group will notify you via email and by sending an invoice 30 days before the unit is up for renewal.
  • If a customer currently has a Preferred Plus Onsite agreement, can they enter into a SITA agreement at renewal time? Yes, a customer that has a current Preferred Plus Onsite agreement, at renewal time, can elect to purchase SITA service.
  • Will Epson send me a return shipping label for the faulty printer going back? Epson provides return shipping labels to
  • Is the faulty printer going to be sent back to me once it is repaired? No, the faulty printer will be refurbished and put back into the fleet of 7500 SITA printers that will be sent out later if repairable.
  • Are all of the C7500 series printers able to purchase C7500 SITA? Yes – the C7500, C7500G, and C7500GE are all able to enter in C7500 SITA agreements within thirty days of purchasing the printer.
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