Epson C6000/C6500 Media Detection Calibration

Epson C6000/C6500 Media Detection Calibration

When incorporating a new inter-label gap or black mark material into the workflow, it is good practice to run the Media Detection Calibration within the Printer Setting Utility before printing on the new material.

Why do we need to run the Media Detection Calibration?

When trying to print on a new label size not utilized before, labels may skip when trying to print labels using the new material so it may be necessary to calibrate the media sensors.


  • Once the material is loaded whether it is internal or external you are ready to proceed.
  • You can access the Printer Setting Utility by navigating the driver interface.
  • Click on the Printer Utilities Tab then navigate down to the Printer Setting Utility and double-click to open.


  • Once the Printer Settings Utility has opened, navigate to Advanced Settings within the Detailed Settings dropdown.
  • Then click on the Adjust Media Detection Sensor start button.
  • The machine will then move the material back and forth so that the sensor can locate the placement of the inter-label gap or black mark.
  • Once completed, there will be a pop-up message stating the operation has been completed successfully.
  • Run test prints.


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