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Eliminate Label Waste

Eliminate Label Waste

Stop Losing Money on Your Short Run Printing

Handling your short-run label printing in-house is supposed to save you time and money. Unfortunately, for many businesses, it’s a source of waste—and cost. That’s why Vivid Data Group helps companies of all sizes optimize their label printing process and eliminate waste.

Common sources of waste include:

  • Wasted labels. Many in-house short-run printing operations see a substantial waste of the labels themselves. Any misprint means throwing away the label and printing a new one, and when this happens over a print job of hundreds or thousands of labels the costs can be staggering. Common causes of label printing errors are duplicate barcodes, outdated label copy, or printing from the wrong label template. Vivid Data Group’s label design and printing solutions can reduce or eliminate all of these sources of labeling errors.
  • Wasted ink. Ink is often the most expensive consumable for in-house printing. It’s wasted not only through misprints but also by outdated printing technology that puts more ink on the page than needed. Many older printers are “ink burners” and seem to swallow ink by the gallon. High ink consumption is not only expensive, but it can also make full-color printing impractical. Our print solutions leverage ink control and color management systems.
  • Wasted time. We have worked with many clients who found they were spending hours on each label printing run. That time was spent designing labels, building new templates from scratch, and manually entering data. All of these delays translate not only to longer lead time per print job but also to wasted man-hours and dollars. We can streamline your printing process so that you can create labels, add barcodes, and merge data in minutes.
  • Wasted product. The most expensive costs of inefficient label printing come from mislabeled products. When labels are erroneous or hard to read, there can be stocking mistakes, shipping errors, compliance fines and even missing inventory.

At Vivid Data Group, we believe that these costs are entirely preventable and have built the solutions to make them a thing of the past.

Better Systems, Less Waste

At Vivid Data Group, we can help you eliminate waste at all stages of your printing process. Our solutions include:

  • High speed, short-run inkjet printers. Our inkjet printers use technology from Memjet, Neuralabel, and Epson to print crisp, beautiful labels every time. These machines are so much more efficient that our customers can often switch to full-color labels for the same or lower printing cost than their old black and white ones.
  • Better label design systems. Designing your labels should be intuitive. We offer label design and management software that features a simple drag-and-drop interface, professional label templates, and instant barcodes. You can design great labels in minutes, and merge data directly from Excel or your database. The result? Less manual entry, fewer printing errors, and less waste.
  • Faster printing. By reducing label design work we save hours of lead time on new shipments. Our high-speed inkjet printers can print up to 15 times faster than traditional short-run printers.
  • Eliminating errors. We protect your business from labeling errors every step of the way. From our label management software that keeps your templates secure to reducing manual entry during design, your labels will be more accurate than ever. And integrating full color allows you to prevent mistakes down the supply chain.

At Vivid Data Group, our mission is to make your in-house printing cheaper, faster, and easier—with nothing wasted.

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