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Eliminate Label Printing Errors

Eliminate Label Printing Errors

Pain-Free Label Printing, Every Time

There are many reasons you put labels on your product. They might be required at the end destination. You might need them to track the product throughout the supply chain. They may even be mandated by government regulations. But no matter why you need labels, they should get the job done right every time—without wasting your money.

Labeling errors happen when:

  • Updating labels is complicated or requires manual entry
  • Labels are hard to understand at a glance
  • Labels are all black and white with no color coding
  • Large label libraries lead to confusion or using the wrong label template

Most printer labeling mistakes involve old technology with too many manual steps, increasing the chance of human error. But this problem is preventable. That’s why Vivid Data Group offers custom label printing solutions, from out-of-the-box label design software to custom applications that save you money.

How Label Design Software Works

Many businesses still rely on unwieldy label templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, or other programs to produce their labels. These templates work but they require human input for every new label run. Often, changes to the text or the import data will adjust how the label falls on the page, ruining your label design or causing crucial information to get cut off. These delicate legacy solutions also require staff to enter everything just right and are wide open to human error.

Label design software changes that. The program gives you an intuitive interface where you can design a label using drag-and-drop elements. You can move label elements around and choose the information you want to see in each field—automatically scaled to fit. Variable data can be loaded from any relational database format. The result is that it’s easier to make attractive labels that contain all the information you need.

Benefits of label design software include:

  • Less training time for new staff
  • Anyone can create labels, even with limited computer skills
  • Less human input means a lower error rate
  • Reduce the costs of designing and printing labels
  • Reduce compliance fines or even returned shipments

Custom Label Printing Solutions

At Vivid Data Group, we know that every industry uses labels differently, and you may require specialized solutions. That’s why we offer custom applications to help you create the labels you need, for any job you take on. This includes variable labels and customizing data on a label-by-label basis.

We have produced custom label printing solutions for:

  • eJuice suppliers
  • Food packaging
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer products
  • Supply chain labels
  • Compliance labeling

We can build solutions on your existing label design software or we can recommend the right software to use. Our goal with every custom job is to understand your label printing pain points and save you and your staff time, misprints, and money. We have experience with commercial and industrial label design across all industries, and have built solutions for companies across North America and beyond.

Your job is to ship the product. Your labels should support that. Let Vivid Data Group streamline your labeling process and create a solution you can rely on.

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