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Design Simple Labels & Import Data from Excel

Design Simple Labels & Import Data from Excel

Save Time & Reduce Labeling Errors

Every business needs labels, and printing them in-house is the most cost-effective way to get them. Unfortunately, it can also be a headache. Without the right tools, creating labels is a time-consuming process—one that involves numerous manual steps and plenty of room for human error. A single mistake in designing a label can mean label waste, errors on the packaging, unuseable barcodes, or even returned shipments.

Luckily there’s a better way. At Vivid Data Group, we can do more than just deliver the software that makes label design easy. We can also build simple solutions to streamline your process or optimize your software for your industry or use case. We offer label design solutions that save you time and money:

  • Label design is fast and intuitive, with easy-to-use wizards
  • Import your data directly from Excel
  • Print to any type of printer
  • Reduce labeling errors

The Label Design Solution That Works

Many businesses have become reliant on jury-rigged solutions for label design. They can be anything from designing labels in Word or Excel to making a whole new label template for each individual label. This just isn’t necessary. A true label design program makes it quick and easy to create individual labels or large batches. Standard features with all of our solutions include:

  • Choose from easy to use label templates or create your own
  • Design wizards help you make your labels clean, accurate and attractive
  • Drop-in standard objects like date stamps and counters
  • Create barcodes in just a few clicks
  • Use a single template to produce multiple labels

Manage Your Data Directly from Excel

Some businesses worry they will need to purchase expensive database software to use label design programs. Others have resigned themselves to the painstaking process of entering label data manually. At Vivid Data Group we believe there’s an easier, less expensive way. We will help you design simple labels that draw directly on Excel sheets as data sources—a simple solution that lets you use the software you already have.

With Excel as your data source, you can use a single label template to print labels from two rows, twenty rows, or two thousand rows of data. You eliminate the cost and difficulty of special databases and the error rate of manual entry. What used to take hours can be done in minutes.

Customize Your Label Design Solutions

At Vivid Data Group we do more than just sell out-of-the-box programs. We customize your label design system so that it works for you. This means we can help you set up imports, make your label design software talk to existing hardware and software, simplify label creation, and get your design program to work with any printer you have. We believe you should be able to make great labels with the technology you have, and not have to invest in expensive new equipment.

You started your business to ship products, not to get bogged down creating labels. Let Vivid Data Group streamline your process.

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