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Comply with Your Customers’ Labeling Requirements

Comply with Your Customers’ Labeling Requirements

Never Pay a Compliance Fine Again

Your customers have reasons for enforcing strict labeling requirements. When a shipment arrives, they need to identify, sort, and stock it rapidly—with no confusion. Unfortunately, their requirements can become your added costs. When a customer feels that your labeling doesn’t match their standards, they may levy stiff compliance fines or send back the entire shipment. Depending on the customer, compliance violations could even mean losing their business.

Of course, no company intends to violate labeling requirements. Most compliance problems come from errors during label design. A swollen library of templates can result in printing a duplicate, an out of date label, or the wrong label altogether. Manual data entry and customization can result in labels containing mistaken information or being completely unreadable. Either way, a single mistake at the design stage can lead to massive fines down the supply chain.

All of this can be avoided if you have the right tools. At Vivid Data Group, we can give you those tools—and customize them to your needs.

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Better Compliance Through Better Design

At Vivid Data Group, we believe that easy label design is the bedrock of compliance. Most labeling errors are caused by complicated legacy solutions, often with too many manual steps and no automated label design solutions. The first step to compliance is to simply upgrade to a label design system that’s easy, intuitive, and automatic—and likely to save you time and money.

All of our compliance solutions start with simple label design software that makes your life easier:

  • Comes with pre-designed label templates focused on the latest compliance requirements
  • Intuitive label design wizards let you create an error-free label in seconds, on a single screen
  • Full support for foreign languages & special characters, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish and more
  • Easy placement of RFID tags
  • Support for all barcode types, including linear, 2D and composite codes
  • Import data from Excel or your database to create dozens or hundreds of labels from a single template

Eliminate Errors & Reduce Costs

By reducing manual entry you eliminate the risk of human error. And with an intuitive label design system, any operator can create accurate labels with minimal training. The results speak for themselves:

  • Data imports seamlessly with no risk of typos
  • Standard compliance language is pulled in error-free
  • Data resizes automatically to fit your label
  • Change layout in seconds with a click of the mouse
  • Update new language across all labels from a single template
  • Avoid duplicate serial numbers from entry errors
  • No more misprints or label waste

Because your labels come out cleaner, faster, and more accurate, you will save money at both ends—on the countless hours saved in-house, and on reduced or eliminated compliance fines from your customers.

Make Your Labels Work for You

You rely on your labels to go out error-free and move your product through the supply chain without glitches. Vivid Data Group can help you do that. We customize every compliance solution for our customers’ specific needs—and save you money.

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