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Centralize Control of Your Labeling

Centralize Control of Your Labeling

Keep Your Labels Secure

How many users design, access, or print labels in your company? Most users approach label printing with the best of intentions, but it’s all too easy to alter a template, grab outdated information, or print the wrong label for a product. These errors happen in seconds, but they can be costly—potentially leading to accidental shipments, incorrect deliveries, lost inventory, compliance fines, or upset customers. Once a label mistake gets made, it’s hard to take it back.

With Vivid Data Group, you don’t have to. We offer all-in-one label design and printing solutions that give you total control over your labels. You can set permissions based on users’ roles in the company, keep your templates secure, and track every label that’s printed. Our goal is not just to save you time and money on your labels, but to give you peace of mind and an error-free track record.

How It Works

Our label design and printing systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. But we’ve also built-in security and management features that put you in control of what your employees can and cannot do. Our interface reduces the risk of errors, ensures label quality, and makes it easy for new staff to learn the ropes.

We give you more control at every step:

  • Keep your templates safe. Your label templates are the backbone of your labeling process. Vivid Data Group gives you the power to centralize all templates in a single secure database so that users cannot change, overwrite, or delete them on shared drives. Only authorized users can change or remove templates.
  • Restrict access on a need-to-use basis. Different operators need different levels of label design and printing functionality. We let you choose the level of access that users have based on their role in your organization. Staff can do their jobs quickly and easily without affecting secure data.
  • Authorize or deny any activity. No one can print labels or forms, or edit information unless they have permission.
  • Trace and audit all activity. Get easy, instant reports on printing history. Sort reports by label template, user, time range, or other variables and trace labels back to the template or user they came from.
  • Manage printers and consumables from a single console. You can see all connected printers at a glance, as well as pull reports on consumables. You’ll know as soon as you’re running low on something or anytime a printer has an error.

Streamline Your Process

At Vivid Data Group, we give you more than just a label design program. We streamline your label printing so that you spend less time, have less labeling errors, and always have the information you need. Your staff gets an intuitive, user-friendly interface, and you get total control over what labels go out and what information they contain.

Your job is to run your business. Our job is to make that easier. Let us give you the tools to make labeling issues a thing of the past—both internally and for your customers.

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