Innovative and Functional Flexible Packaging Solutions for Aqueous Inkjet Printing

Flexible Packaging Material

Flexible packaging is a means of packaging products through the use of non-rigid materials, which allows for more economical and customizable options. This packaging method uses a variety of flexible materials, including foil, plastic, and paper, to create pouches, bags, and other pliable product containers. Vivid Data Group offers a way for your company to embrace this groundbreaking technology for your products.


With the brand ARTYSIO, Vivid Data Group and Sihl present an innovative production of packaging in digital inkjet printing, for narrow-web printers, converters, and brand manufacturers. Enabling you to produce, as quickly as possible, flexible, individualized packaging according to your requirements. Design packaging for yourself that is customised, cost-effective, locally produced and complies with food packaging legislation, even for small runs.New sales concepts and product presentations will open new markets for your company and high-quality, functional packaging for your products.

Sihl has developed a unique solution that enables a sustainable, plastic-based material to be combined with high-quality, environmentally friendly, aqueous inkjet printing. Sihl packaging materials guarantee a very good runnability on a variety of existing and new packaging machines.

Vivid Data Group offers flexible packaging films for aqueous inkjet printing. With the new functional composite films, it is now also possible to produce the stand-up pouch, which is very popular on the market. Personalized printing in aqueous inkjet can be carried out both before and after pouch production, which opens up completely new application possibilities and significantly expands the ARTYSIO range. In addition to the excellent printability, the films offer barrier and sealing properties suitable for the application and can be finished with additional features such as zipper, Euro perforation, or spout in the context of stand-up pouch production.


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ARTYSIO is the revolutionary solution for digitally printed flexible packaging films with water-based inkjet technology, which meets the requirements of the packaging market through targeted functionality. Sihl’s unique and brand-new packaging films enable a wide range of packaging applications that can be printed with water-based inkjet printers and sealed with heat and ultrasound. The backing layer meets the requirements for barrier function, touch & feel, printability, suitability for machine use, conformity, sealability, and user-friendliness with an “easy open” function for instance.

Flexible Packaging Material

Unique Selling Points & Product Benefits

  • Ideal packaging solution for smaller quantities and strongly varying print designs
  • Individualized print designs whatever the size of the print run without additional printing costs
  • Packaging as a gift – Enables completely new sales concepts for your products using functional packaging materials which create value.
  • No waiting time for packaging – Just the product determines the time to market
  • Goods ready for sale within minutes – 100 times less setup effort compared to analog printing processes
  • No storage of pre-printed packaging is necessary
  • Significantly lower capital commitment compared to traditionally printed packaging

Flexible Packaging/Heat Seal Printers

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