AIAG, ODETTE, GM & VDA Label Complaince

AIAG, ODETTE, GM & VDA Label Compliance

Full Compliance Labeling in Any Label Format

Global enterprises face a dizzying variety of shipping and transport labels. Depending on your supply chain and your customers, you may have to use several standardized label formats—sometimes even for the same product. Your labels have to not only comply with customer requirements and international standards but change quickly in response to new demands. At Vivid Data Group, we don’t just make this possible; we make it easy.

We can help you streamline your production of any label type including:

  • AIAG trading partner shipping labels
  • Odette global transport labels
  • General Motors GTL labels
  • VDA 4902 and VDA-KLT barcode transport labels
  • Any label format required by your customer or an international agency

Error-Free, Compliant & On-Time

Most compliance issues come from painfully outdated label design and management processes. We believe that modernizing your label process is the first step toward a smooth, cost-effective supply chain. Our solutions make this process almost automatic:

  • Easier to design. We believe that creating a beautiful shipping label should be as easy as filling in a form. That’s why we focus on label design systems that offer intelligent templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. In many cases, you can let the system automatically choose the template, label size, and language based on the attributes of the data you’re working with. Prepping a new label for printing can be done in literally minutes.
  • No more errors. We help our clients achieve a leaner, more effective supply chain operation by eliminating errors that come from manual data entry. Manual entry is time-consuming and leads to duplicate barcodes, mistaken information, and whole shipments that aren’t in compliance. Eliminating manual entry doesn’t just mean getting your shipment out the door faster, it means saving big money.
  • Database-friendly. We don’t believe in libraries of thousands of near-identical label templates. Instead, use a few basic templates and pull your label data directly from your database. We build solutions that pull from any large database as well as Excel files—or even extract data straight from existing labels.
  • Full integration. Integrate your label design software with your ERP for seamless tracking of every product shipped and every label printed.
  • Central control. There is no need for different locations to have their own custom label processes, even with shifting international standards. We give you total central control over a standardized labeling process that eliminates errors and gives you lightning-fast responsiveness to a changing market.

It doesn’t matter how complex the information on your shipping labels must be. Vivid Data Group makes it easy to set up the variables you need and create great-looking labels that meet every requirement you face.

Support You Can Count On

Vivid Data Group doesn’t just offer software. We are process consultants who help overhaul your entire system to be more efficient. We can customize all of our solutions to meet your business goals and use cases, with full scalability in mind. And we back up our solutions with installation & implementation services, training, and ongoing technical support.

We have helped clients achieve compliance, savings, and responsiveness in many industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial products
  • Consumer products
  • Medical devices
  • Food industry
  • eJuice
  • Chemical products

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