Afinia L901 Preventing Maintenance Jams

Afinia L901 Preventing Maintenance Jams

If you or a teammate of yours has been experiencing maintenance jams with your Afinia L901 this Service Blog will be beneficial to you! The Afinia L901 is designed to perform service pre and post-job and can be configured to conduct maintenance on the printhead at a scheduled time or even during the middle of the print job without having to break the web however users of the Afinia L901 may experience maintenance jams from time to time.

Through our Support Department's own testing and past customer interactions maintenance jams can be caused by the following:

  • Environment
  • Material Type
  • Print Volume

March-Blog-2The following will assist operators of the Afinia L901 by providing them with the necessary preventive maintenance and cleaning steps to help prevent maintenance jams from continuing to occur and prevent them from happening in the first place.

  1. Lubricate service rails and check belt
  2. Clean debris and ink build up from microfiber roller gears
  3. Replace Maintenance Assembly once it reaches life expectancy

Lubricate Service Rails & Check Belt

Click "Inspect Service Station" on the touch screen. Lubricate the guide rails the printhead goes up and down on during the print and maintenance process (indicated in red) in addition to making sure no adhesive/material buildup has accrued on the belt that guides the maintenance assembly forwards and backward to and from the printhead (indicated in yellow). You can use lithium grease to lubricate the guide rails and distilled water and Goo Gone to clean material and adhesive build-up from the belt.

Clean Debris & Ink Build Up in Microfiber Roller Gears

March-Blog-3Ink debris and material dust have a habit of accruing within the gear assembly of the microfiber roller. Which can cause the microfiber roller to overheat/jam following the cleaning of the printhead. If you notice an abundance of ink and or paper dust in the gear assembly of the service station. Remove the microfiber from the assembly by going to Wiper on the touch screen and pressing the new wiper. Remove the wiper assembly and clean the gears with distilled water and a queue tip in addition to cleaning the location where the gears sit in the assembly. See two highlighted spots in red in the figure to the right.

Replace Maintenance Assembly at Life Expectancy

The wiper roller should be replaced every time the printhead gets replaced per the manufacturer and the maintenance assembly should be getting replaced every two years.

  • AFI – 36131 L901 Maintenance Assembly $469
  • AFI – 30979 L901 Wiper Roller $117

If you want additional assistance installing the firmware update or if you need any type of assistance and support with the Epson Colorworks label printer you can email support directly at or by calling 855-848-4332 EXT 2.

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